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Exercising for active & healthy ageing

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Exercising for older adults is proven more often to be a challenge than a breeze. However, it is essential to keep moving for a healthy physique which will ease the transformation into the golden age and enjoy it to the fullest.

As the human body ages, it will experience changes in the physical range of motion and capabilities. GYROTONIC® and Pilates is gentle and easy on the joints, without any heart-pounding form of movements. There are movements from these exercises for older adults that focuses on typical age-related changes on posture, joints, muscle, bone and balance mechanisms.

Gyrotonic and Pilates is also well recognized for being the mind and body balance form of exercise which promotes body awareness and better quality movement for daily functions. The combination of gentle yet precise movements, together with breathing that requires some amount of concentration gives an opportunity to the individual to enjoy a peaceful yet effective low-impact workout.

The benefits of Gyrotonic and Pilates for older adults can be bottomless and here is just a short list;

  1. Improves bone health, joint mobility and range of motion

  2. Improves functional strength and stability

  3. Improves proprioception (awareness of our body placement and movement in space) that helps to regain and maintain balance, reducing risk of falls

  4. Improves posture, alignment ans suppleness of the spine

  5. Minimizes impact of age-related illness such as arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson's.

  6. It is rehabilitative and progressive

  7. It is a whole body fitness exercise

  8. Increases awareness of mind and body connection

  9. It is calming and soothing

  10. It relaxes the mind, enhances happiness and confidence

Exercise promotes the release of serotonin and endorphins hormones into the brain which brings about positive emotions, help to rejuvenates the mind and restores health. Gyrotonic and Pilates are definitely forms of exercise that will give enormous benefits to the ageing body in the long run. They are also great for population of any ages to maintain health, rehabilitate or to enhance any sports performance.

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