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Are we missing the life before?

Everyday things that we missed, took for granted, we cannot wait to have them back in our lives. The Covid-19 will linger but situation will be under control. We will get back to the sun, beach and great outdoor fun, including the office, the classroom lessons, real life socializing and travels. But that life, for sure will be significantly different from how we had it before the outbreak. Public places will be implementing new measures for continuity monitoring of Covid-19 situation. Everyone will have to integrate the new norms creating a new hybrid way of life.

Online exercise and fitness classes are among the many new norms which saw the highest adaptability and increased in popularity over the circuit breaker period. This new way of getting a dose of exercise will be here to stay for many fitness enthusiasts. We were in the circuit breaker for 8-weeks and as we wait for businesses to resume, we evolve and is ready to embrace the new life because things are far from returning to the way they used to be before.

As a movement teacher, the circuit breaker has brought upon some challenges but it has also lifted a notch up with the way I have always been doing things. It has shed new light on creativity and growth. This has come as a great opportunity to meet new people, learn more from great teachers across the globe at the comfort of my own home, increased awareness and exposure of my work and the best part of it; a fantastic tool to stay connected with clients regardless of where they are located in the world.

Moving forward into Phase 2 Re-opening where gyms and fitness studios will resume operations, my private online sessions will continue to be available and it will stick around for some time. This will be in addition to my existing studio sessions and here is why;

1. Working from home will be the new norm

Many clients will not be returning full-time to office even with businesses re-opening. The government promotes telecommuting as the default mode of working. People are finding productivity in remote work settings. Working from home allows people to strike an ideal life balance between work and family. The option of private online session allows clients to enjoy the ease of attending the session at their own pace, in the comfort and privacy of their own home. This could work as a mid-day de-stress or it could be a nice way to unwind out of a hectic day.

2. Time and cost efficient

Clients can now mix between attending private studio and online sessions. The private online session also serves well for clients who live on a tight schedule because it saves on traveling time. And for new clients who wants to experience exercise with a new teacher or experience a different type of exercise, the private online session could be a viable option to check out the vibes.

3. Increase family and friends bonding time

And who does not enjoy more family and friends bonding time? Clients can exercise together with their family members over a private online session in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Friends can gather their bff for some great bonding time too. The private online session provides convenience for family members and friends who stay a-far from one another to exercise and enjoy some laughter/fitness time together.

4. A perfect gift

Every private online session is unique and personalized to the needs of the individual. It is conducted conveniently online at a time that is convenient to the client (subject to time-slot availability), which makes private online session the perfect gift for anyone, at anywhere and on any occasion.

5. Maintain the progress that you have had from any where in the world

If your schedule gets busy or if there is a need to travel, you can always stay in the program and stay in shape with our private online session.

Our private online sessions are highly personalized to your needs (with or without props) incorporating Pilates, functional strength & conditioning, release & stretch, spinal movement and Qigong.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our private online session or even better, come by our studio and we look forward to meeting you.

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