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GYROTONIC® Method And Its Benefits

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Most people today suffer from back pain as well as poor posture because of all the time they spend hunched over a computer screen. In 2019, computers are unavoidable. If you’re looking for pain relief, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about GYROTONIC® exercise and how it can help you.

What is GYROTONIC® Method?

GYROTONIC® is much simpler than it sounds. It’s all about strengthening your body’s core through a mind-body training technique. You can think of GYROTONIC® activity as an amalgamation of dance, yoga and Pilates.

GYROTONIC® workouts address all of the parts of your body through rhythmic, fluid movements. The workouts increase flexibility and strength and stimulates your nervous system.

The GYROTONIC® sessions can become progressively challenging over time and promotes joint mobility. If you’re vulnerable to injuries, the multi-directional, circular movements will shrink those vulnerabilities by increasing the functional ability of your spinal column.

Your body will enjoy great flexibility and will be capable of having pain-free range of motion once you’re able to complete multiple joint movements without compression.


It’s quite easy to confuse the two terms, and they shouldn’t be used interchangeably as there’s quite a bit of difference between them. Remember that GYROKINESIS® is practiced without the use of any equipment.

The only things people use during GYROKINESIS® is a mat and a chair. The GYROTONIC® method involves the use of a pulley-assisted machine with outstanding results. The tool makes your body engage in active and ‘feel-good’ movements.

What are the benefits of GYROTONIC® exercise?

The GYROTONIC® Method movement isn’t all talk and no show, and plenty of people have shared their stories of how they’ve benefited from GYROTONIC® exercise. The following benefits are what all of their stories have in common.

1. Better posture – Many sports medics have pointed out that people who practice GYROTONIC® exercise have a more upright and elegant position. This is because GYROTONIC® training involves the continuous movement of supportive muscles as the muscles are stretched and strengthened.

2. Stress-free joints – Anyone suffering from joint pain would do well to engage with GYROTONIC® exercise. This is because of the unique way of securing the pulleys in the machines, which guarantees movement without impact.

3. Improved co-ordinationGYROTONIC® exercises make your muscles work together and interdependently. Over time, it results in better muscle recruitment as well as co-ordination.

4. Makes you feel better – The circular, spiraling motions, as well as the specific individual breathing patterns, work to relax tight muscles and stiff joints. This all works results in the practitioner feeling much better.

5. Full spinal mobility – The back suppleness improves by leaps and bounds after GYROTONIC® training. It results in spines that are able to move in all directions.

How can you get started?

Get in touch with us here to get started on your first GYROTONIC® experience. You can get more information as well as have a look at all of the services the we have to offer. If you aren’t a social butterfly, you don’t need to worry. You'll be happy to know that Alive Movement Studio offers only private one-on-one sessions.

GYROTONIC® originated as a way of helping dancers with mobility and their injuries. However, its practitioners and teachers quickly realized that it could be beneficial for anyone, such as older adults, people with arthritis, athletes and those looking for rehabilitation. Check out GYROTONIC® with us today at an introductory price and experience the amazing results from this practice.

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