GYROTONIC® Method in Older Adults Fitness

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

GYROTONIC® Method is an exercise system that has similar principles and techniques to various practices such as gymnastics, dance, Pilates and yoga. Since the practice emphasize hugely on rotation and spiraling movements, it offers plenty of physical as well as mental benefits.

The great thing about GYROTONIC is that it can be practiced by anyone from different backgrounds, regardless of their age or fitness. Practitioners are empowered to move beyond their body limitations so that they can build strength, improve agility, and increase overall physical movement. The movements are designed in such a way that even seniors, who may have trouble engaging in general forms of physical exercises, can benefit from what GYROTONIC has to offer.

How can seniors benefit from GYROTONIC® Method?

So, how exactly does GYROTONIC help older adults? This method finds increasing application in the health care industry by osteopaths, physical therapists, chiropractors, as well as rehabilitation units. A growing number of experts are recommending it for seniors.

Below, we discuss how the GYROTONIC Method benefits older adults in their fitness journey:

Increases range of motions

This system of movement is known to help older adults increase their range of motions. As you grow older, your muscles and joints tend to become stiffer, which makes movement difficult. Some seniors may find that even simple tasks like getting up and sitting down, walking, and reaching out for things with your arms are not so easy for them. The multi-dimensional movements from the GYROTONIC Method helps to strengthen joints and improve mobility.