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Tips to make it your best online workout sessions

Updated: May 8, 2020

Many of us have found and adapted well into a new norm since the circuit breaker. From doing the most essential things in life such as buying groceries to attending lessons to work meetings and to participating in events; we did it all. And business owners have moved their businesses online, in a jiffy.

As a studio owner, I do miss very much having my clients in the studio but I also do not deny that this new norm is pretty convenient, to some extend. In this post, I’ve gathered some tips on how everyone can enjoy and optimize the results of a private online workout session. When I say private here, it means one instructor to one client per session or a private group where it will be one instructor to a small group of friends for the session. I am all in for private sessions because it is focused, personalized to individual needs and client can go at their own pace.

Five tips to make it your best online workout sessions

#1 Choose a mix of workouts

Fitness is a combination of strength, flexibility, endurance, and breath control. Rather than being limited to physical movements, aim for a holistic exercise program that promotes deep relaxation, whole-body strengthening, and the mind-body connection. For instance, Pilates is one of the best exercises that concentrates on whole-body strengthening with a focus on core strength, breathing, posture, flexibility, and balance. Other modalities that are great for mind-body connection include Qigong, yoga, somatic dance or even resistance training.

Qigong is a well-known ancient exercise that connects the mind & body and brings about holistic healing by using movement exercises, relaxation, and controlled breathing. The spinal motion routine from the Gyrotonic® Method which can be done seated on a simple stool; focuses on stretching, strengthening and conditioning work on the muscles and joints, especially the spinal column to deliver an all-round opening and fitness to the mind and body.

Choosing a program with a reputed online instructor who specializes in these holistic workout programs is one the best ways to optimize your online workouts.

#2 Set a right schedule

A key aspect to focus on is the timing of your workout sessions. Plan the workout sessions carefully to ensure you are not stressed about other things or tasks that you have to attend to. If you take up the session when you are in a great hurry or are preoccupied, it can negatively impact the outcome of the session. One of the reasons for a private online session is to be able to enjoy the entire experience, that is personalized to your needs and obtaining real results. So, you really want to set time aside to tune into your mind and body, feel relaxed and are not in a hurry to finish the session.

#3 Manage your expectations

While your online instructor can motivate you to keep moving over the screen, it is important for you to have realistic expectations. Set realistic, achievable goals and expectations based on your needs, lifestyle, and overall health. Meeting these expectations can provide positive reinforcement and encourage you not to give up and not lose any progress that you might have had before. For instance, rather than focusing on weight loss, look at improvements in breathing, the ability to relax, or stretch.

#4 Work at your own pace

Booking a private session gives you the privacy and confidence you need to maximize your workout without being self-conscious. A private session with a seasoned instructor helps you work out at your own pace without the pressure of having to keep up in a group setting.

#5 Customized to needs and level

Whether you are looking to master Pilates or Qigong or other movements, getting them customized to your specific health and fitness needs is crucial to optimizing your workouts. This enables you to enjoy your exercise program without getting stressed about the achievable.

And if you are a client of any online lessons, you ought to know by now that an ideal online instructor should;

· Gives clear and precise cues

· Speaks clearly at a comfortable pace

· Demonstrates movements clearly in the most optimal view/s, or some times several directions

· Uses a reasonably good mic so that instructions can be conveyed clearly

· Checks on your form occasionally over the screen.

Online workout sessions conducted by experienced, holistic exercise instructors can help you make a difference while working from home. The right instructor can also provide suggestions on how to optimize the use of space and limited resources at your home. These training sessions are the ideal options if you want to work out at your own pace and are self-driven but need guidance from an instructor who helps you achieve the real results.

Our private online sessions are personalized to your needs (with or without props) incorporating Pilates, strength & conditioning, release & stretch, spinal movement and Qigong. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our private online session or even better, come by our studio once the circuit breaker is lifted. We look forward to meeting you.

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