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Practicing White Tiger Qigong

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

(Photo credit to White Tiger Qigong)

Qigong; also known to be life force cultivation, is an internal art practice with a 5000 years old history in China. It is a holistic self-healing system that involves body movements, breathing exercises and mental concentration practice. Today, Qigong is being practiced by both the young and older generation from all walks of life, all over the world for its physical, emotional and mental health benefits. The benefits listed here are just a tiny fraction of what someone can expect to experience from practicing Qigong.

Physical health benefits of Qigong practice

a. Improves balance and mobility

b. Improves cardio-pulmonary function

c. Strengthens nerves, ligaments, joints and muscles

d. Reduces pain

e. Enhances functional movements and sports performance

Mental and emotional health benefits of Qigong practice

a. Reduces mental and emotional stress

b. Greater clarity and improves concentration

c. Increases mind-body awareness, emotional and intuitive intelligence

d. Increases energy and vitality

e. Improves overall sense of well-being

White Tiger Qigong is truly unique for being an integrated system of dynamic Medical Qigong of the ancient philosophy together with the applied modern sports science in human fascia, anatomy, kinetic chains and nervous system. White Tiger Qigong takes the nature's dynamic form yet preserved the essence of stillness in each of its form.

Practicing White Tiger Qigong promotes mental and emotional healing, helps balance the state of well-being, improves mental concentration, increases strength and mobility that enhances functional movements and sports performance. Its traditional philosophy which is for health and longevity, harmony with nature; characterized Medical Qigong as complementary and alternative form of exercise, and a unique approach to mind-body therapy. Regular practitioners of White Tiger Qigong can expect to achieve a powerful state of well-being.

(Photo credit to White Tiger Qigong)

Alethea studied with Master Tevia Feng, who is the Founder and Master Instructor of White Tiger Qigong. Master Tevia began practising martial arts, Qigong and meditation at the age of 7. He has journeyed all around China and trained extensively with several true Qigong masters.

(Photo credit to White Tiger Qigong)

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